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Employee Contacts

Messages can be left for Officers by calling 231.865.8477 and entering in the listed extension.

 Employee Email Address Extension
 Office General Mailbox  contact@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 1512
 Command Staff    
 Public Safety Director Brian Michelli    brian.michelli@mcd911.net  Ext: 1505 
 Deputy Chief Jeffrey Whelan   jwhelan@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8724
 Detective/Sergeant Bryan Rypstra  brypstra@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 1511
 Patrol Sergeant Andrew Hunt
 ahunt@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 1513
 Patrol Sergeant Daniel Babinec
 dbabinec@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8714
 Officer Dan Butler  dbutler@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8713
 Officer Timothy Thompson  tthompson@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8722
 Officer Rob Atkinson  ratkinson@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8721
 Officer Ross DeYoung  rdeyoung@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8727
 Officer Josh Karafa  jkarafa@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8711
 Officer Brett Holmes  bholmes@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8716
 Officer Jason Kuzyk 
 jkuzyk@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8719
 Officer Joshua Wise   jwise@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8723
 Officer Robert Norris  rnorris@fruitportpolice.com  Ext: 8710