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Fruitport Library Committee Responsibilities

Fruitport Library Committee



Members of the committee are appointed by either the Fruitport Village Council or Township Board of Trustees to represent their shared interest in the library. The desire of the Committee is to present to our community a library we can all be proud of, a library that is a desirable place to be and to provide  an environment, atmosphere and materials that enhance our patron’s lives.

The building and grounds are located in the beautiful Pomona Park along Spring Lake.


The members of the Fruitport Library Committee are all equal and are charged with the following duties and responsibilities:

Hold monthly meeting where review of building and grounds are discussed

Appoint a chairman, secretary and treasurer

Monitor and control revenues and expenses related to the building and grounds

Monitor the maintenance and cleanliness of the building and assure that equipment is in proper functioning condition

Monitor the maintenance of the grounds to make sure they are manicured and sprinkled in the summer and the walkways are salted and cleared for patrons in the winter.

Provide a reasonable perception of building and grounds to our library patrons

The committee chairman may make an expenditure up to $500.00 in only necessary situations.

Vacancy of a Member

If a member resigns, the committee will post for letters of interest. The committee will review letters and interview eligible candidates. The committee will make a recommendation to either the Township or Village depending on where the vacancy occurs.

Library Committee

The committee acts as a whole. One member may not act alone, or speak for the committee as a whole, unless authorized by the committee. Ethical Standards should be followed as all local, state and federal laws. Violation of such could require a resignation.